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This document is included on the dvd-rom "The Incredible Medical School Video Collection 1".

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“Fever in Children” contains important and valuable information for all parents. It is written by a physician using most of the same information, research studies, and professional organizations recommendations that physicians rely on for evaluation and treatment decisions. This pdf document contains information and recommendations for understanding the child with fever, the meaning of fever, the various treatment options, the dangers of fever in children, when to worry and call the doctor, when it is probably not a significant risk, how a fever is produced, the dosages of acetaminophen and ibuprofen needed to control the fever, common infections with fever, use of the thermometer, use suppositories, Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion chart, pounds to kilograms conversion chart, medications that can cause a fever, the research studies and information that the physician uses in deciding the treatment option of the child’s fever, how to care for the child with fever at home, the sponge bath directions, the temperature level that is considered a fever, the dangers of fever, seizure and fever, the serious bacterial and viral infections, and the lumbar puncture. This “Fever in Children” pdf document contains the passwords to open the supplemental files of an acetaminophen/ibuprofen dosage chart, a detailed fever record chart, a graph detailing how a fever is produced, and an informative checklist on when to call the doctor.

This document is included on the dvd-rom "The Incredible Medical School Video Collection 1".

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