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Understanding X Rays

Dr. Ricks presents, on video, a basic explanation of x rays and x ray equipment. This educational video has something for everyone.  Not normally available to nonprofessionals, this is interesting and educational information for intermediate school students, high school students, home school students, and the general public. Even college and nursing students learn from this basic presentation.  Many physicians donít know this information.  During the presentation, you will see an x ray tube, housing of the x ray tube, a collimator, demonstration of a collimator, x ray equipment, x ray film processor, portable x ray machine, x ray film, and x ray cassettes.  Included are video reviews of x rays of the chest, skull, spine, arm, hand, abdomen, hip, leg, ankle, foot.  Over 2 hours of video and over 600 pages in pdf files of x rays and reference information. The total video and supplemental package contains a very large amount of information. This video is found on the dvd-rom "The Incredible Medical School Video Collection 1".


Understanding X-Rays Part 1 (xrays pt 1.wmv Size: 36MB Length: 19:28)
- Introduction
- Crookes Tube and Discovery of X Rays
- X Rays and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
- Ionizing; Atoms
- Generation of X Rays
- Lead Apron
- X Ray Tube

Understanding X-Rays Part 2 (xrays pt 2.wmv Size: 23.2MB Length: 12:31)
- Review of X Ray Production
- X Ray Tube, Tube Housing, Collimator Demonstration

Understanding X-Rays Part 3 (xrays pt 3.wmv Size: 30MB Length 16:07)
- 35mm Camera Film
- X Ray Cassette
- X Ray Film Development
- X Ray Film Image Characteristics
- Digital X Rays
- Old Polaroid Film Camera Demonstration

Understanding X-Rays Part 4 (xrays pt 4.wmv Size: 56.6MB Length 30:36)
- Chest X-Ray

Understanding X-Rays Part 5 (xrays pt 5.wmv Size: 3.68MB Length: 1:51)
- Various Items X-Ray

Understanding X-Rays Part 6 (xrays pt 6.wmv Size: 8.57MB Length: 4:32)
- Ultrasound X-Ray

Understanding X-Rays Part 7 (xrays pt 7.wmv Size: 9.47MB Length: 6:08)
- Skull, Cervical and Lumbar Spine

Understanding X-Rays Part 8 (xrays pt 8.wmv Size: 28.4MB Length: 15:24)
- Abdomen X-Ray

Understanding X-Rays Part 9 (xrays pt 9.wmv Size: 28.3MB Length: 16:17)
- Upper Extremity X-Ray

- Understanding X-Rays Part 10 (xrays pt 10.wmv Size: 17.3MB Length: 9:15)
Lower Extremity X-Ray

X-Ray Preview PDF Documents
TIMS SkullSpineXray Films.pdf (75 pages)
TIMS Abdomen Xray Films.pdf (111 pages)
TIMS Chest Xray Films.pdf (106 pages)
TIMS Lower Extremity Xray Films.pdf (75 pages)
TIMS MRI Xray Films.pdf (54 pages)
TIMS CT Scans Xray Films.pdf (45 pages)
TIMS Upper Extremity Xray Films.pdf (75 pages)
TIMS Ultrasound Xray Films.pdf (19 pages)
TIMS Various Items Xray Films.pdf (8 pages)

Supplement Reference Files
Understanding xrays.pdf (13 pages)

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