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After many requests for a more in depth medical topic, The Incredible Medical School produced this 2 ½ hour video on oxygen. There is also a 111 page reference document that contains the video teachings and an extensive reference section. This video is intended for an older group, with 15 years of age the probable minimum age for this material.

This video is included on the dvd-rom "The Incredible Medical School Video Collection 1".

Incredible Oxygen covers the following topics:
Air Composition
The Atom
Oxygen Atom
The Periodic Table of the Elements
Partial Pressure of Gases in Air
Understanding Pressure as a Measure of Amount
Properties and Pressures of Gases
Charles’ Law (Gay-Lussac’s Law)
Boyle’s Law
Avogadro’s Law
Ideal Gas Equation
Dalton’s Law
Henry’s Law
Oxygen in Water
Manufacture of Oxygen
Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE)
Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Cylinder
Human Body’s Use of Oxygen
Oxygen Content (CaO2)
Delivery of Oxygen (DO2) to the tissues
Hyperbaric Oxygen
Pulse Oximetry
Cyanide Poisoning
Oxygen Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve
Bohr Effect
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Dissociation Curves
Alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient
Respiratory quotient (RQ)
Breathing (Respiratory System)
Oxygen Therapy
Fraction of Inspired Oxygen
Flow Rate
Tidal Volume
Minute Ventilation
Nasal Cannula
Simple Mask
Partial Rebreather Mask
Nonrebreather Mask
Venturi Mask
Bag Valve Mask
Damaging Health Effects of Oxygen
Underwater Pressure.

2.5 hour WMV video. 111 page PDF document file. Zip file format.

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