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Inside Medical School is an online membership system that provides you information with documents and videos about the human body and medical care.

Discover how you can, in your spare time, quickly and easily obtain access to subjects taught in medical school and learn more about your body and healthcare. And best of all, you won’t have to go medical school or spend thousands of dollars and many years your life to access the information. This is Healthcare Information for the General Public at an affordable price.

If you too want to get serious about wanting to know more about your body and healthcare and are tired of searching for information and cannot afford the high prices, then this online system is for you. The Incredible Medical School is an online medical educational members only site with videos and pdf documents.

THE INCREDIBLE MEDICAL SCHOOL’S Online site is an educational system for the general public that will teach you exactly how to finally learn more about your body and healthcare. Who can benefit from our membership site? Your child, if interested in the medical field. Your child, if you are trying to get them interested in the medical field. Adults looking to improve their medical knowledge. Nurses and other healthcare professionals looking for basic information such as reading an EKG or repairing lacerations.



Some of the topics covered inside the membership site:

ABACUS: Learn the basics of performing math with the abacus.

ANATOMY OVERVIEW: This 1 hour video provides a basic anatomy review of the human body using plastic models. A good overview for the 5-12 year old. No detail anatomy of any one structure is given in this overview. This video is great as a starter for young school children. There is a 66 page workbook which is an excellent supplement to the information presented on the video. Contains vocabulary, pictures, graphics, puzzles, and tests.

ANATOMY REVIEW: This video presents a more detailed review of human body anatomy using anatomical models. This is an educational video for young children and adults, grade school and high school, public school and private school. No fancy graphics or special effects - just an effective presentation of human body anatomy. Included in this video is a review of anatomy of the brain, ear, eye, heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen, lung, stomach, and intestine. There are dissections of an animal brain, heart, kidney, and eye. Each anatomy review has a video test of the information and a SPECIAL WORKBOOKS in pdf format for each anatomy review.

GIRNATOMY 1: The first video featuring G Nat, the talking giraffe. This video teaching of anatomy is aimed at children 5 to 12 years of age. The video is 30 minutes in length and presents general human anatomy. It includes a 59 page workbook of anatomy pictures.

LACERATIONS AND SUTURING: Great for adults wanting to learn the basics of this important medical procedure. Children interested in the medical field will find this video fun and educational.

OXYGEN: A 2 ½ hour video on oxygen. There is also a 111 page reference document that contains the video teachings and an extensive reference section. This video is intended for an older group, with 15 years of age the probable minimum age for this material.

RADIOLOGY: This video presents a basic explanation of x rays and x ray equipment. This educational video has something for everyone. Not normally available to nonprofessionals, this is interesting and educational information for intermediate school students, high school students, home school students, and the general public. Even college and nursing students learn from this basic presentation. Many physicians don’t know this information. During the presentation, you will see an x ray tube, housing of the x ray tube, a collimator, demonstration of a collimator, x ray equipment, x ray film processor, portable x ray machine, x ray film, and x ray cassettes. Included are video reviews of x rays of the chest, skull, spine, arm, hand, abdomen, hip, leg, ankle, foot. Over 2 hours of video and over 600 pages in pdf files of x rays and reference information.

READING THE EKG: Don't try to learn the EKG by looking at pictures in a book. Get actual video instructions. This video will teach you to understand EKGs. It provides the basic instructions on interpreting the EKG. Approximately 2 hours in length. It covers the electrical system of the heart and how it is recorded with an EKG machine. You will learn what the lines on an ekg tells you about the heart. Learn how to recognize a heart attack, irregular rhythm, too fast or too slow rhythm, lethal rhythms such as ventricular fibrillation, blocks of the heart nerve system known as bundle branch blocks, first degree heart blocks, second degree heart blocks, third degree heart blocks, heart enlargement, the axis of the heart, p waves, qrs complex, st segment, t wave, and other information concerning the EKG.

SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: This video contains information and pictures on sexually transmitted diseases. It contains EXPLICIT PHOTOGRAPHS of genital areas and the effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the diseases presented on this video are gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, scabies, pediculosis, vaginitis, chlamydia, lymphogranuloma venereum, molluscum contagiosum, chancroid, granuloma inguinale, condylomata acuminata, reiter's syndrome, and AIDS.

DISSECTIONS: Video of dissections of an animal brain, heart, kidney, and eye.

PROCEDURES: Chest Tubes, 
, Thoracentesis Tray Contents, 
Chest Tube Drainage System, 
Laryngoscope Handle and Blades, 
Airway and Tubes, 
Lumbar Puncture Tray Contents, 
Lumbar Puncture, 
Blood Collection Tubes, 
Vacutainer Blood Collection, 
Blood Drawing, 
Blood – Serum and Plasma, 
IV Lines and Catheters
, IV Solutions, 
Central Line Kit Contents, 
Swanz Ganz Catheter
, NG Tubes
, Gastric Lavage
, Defibrillator
, Morgan Lens.

SUTURING: 1 hour video of suturing of hand wound.

POLICIES, PROCEDURES AND FORMS: Thousands of policies, procedures and forms used by hospital, clinics and physicians from our Hospital Reference Package.

X-RAYS: Over 600 pdf pages of X-rays.

URINALYSIS: Urinalysis video showing the testing of urine in the laboratory and a 38 page urinalysis pdf Manual.

Continued updating with more video teachings and documents!




All our videos are available for viewing on our membership site. Information for nurses, paramedics, emt's, physicians, grade school students, high school students, home school students, children, adults, and the general public.

Our medical videos are informative, educational, and just plain enjoyment for the medically interested general public. Stimulate your child's interest in a medical career or discover if your child has an interest in a medical career. Only in actual medical school can you learn some of the information and procedures in our videos.





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